Damp Proofing

Expert Damp Treatment and Damp Proofing

Property dampness can cause musty odours, plaster damage, render damage, floorboard damage, condensation and a number of other issues that will impact negatively on both the property structure itself and the inhabitants of the property. We will provide the perfect damp proofing for your property.

The mould growth that occurs when moisture is present can damage clothing, furniture and bedding. So it is vital to ensure that your property is kept relatively moisture free – and this is achieved by the use of heat and ventilation.

Once dampness is established in a property, it must first be dried to reduce the moisture levels. Once dried, it can be permanently healed through heat and ventilation.

Dampness can generally be broken into three categories:

  • Rising damp
  • Overall damp
  • Penetrative damp.

Rising Damp

  • Often both rising damp and overall damp proofing can be found together in the crawl space and usually are treated at the same time. The treatment of rising damp – damp which rises from below – will involve adding ventilation ( both passive and forced ventilation into the subfloor) to eliminate the causes of rising damp and, at times, injecting a damp course into the mortar course of the brick wall.

Overall Damp

  • Overall dampness is treated by drying and then ventilating the affected area.

Penetrative Damp

  • Penetrative damp – damp which permeates a porous wall from the side or even above – is typically treated via drying and then applying a waterproof membrane or slurry to either or both the internal and external wall.

Other Services

We are moisture identification and remediation experts and can expertly resolve any rising damp or other damp proofing problems you may encounter – including the presence of condensation, musty odours and mould. Based in Johannesburg, we frequently solve moisture issues for homeowners, estate agents, and occupants of commercial premises. we also offer :