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Floor tiles contractors Johannesburg

Are you looking for professional tilers in Johannesburg? You need not look any further because Lew Prop is at your service! We have designed ourselves to become floor tiles contractors who are a one-stop destination when it comes to provision of tiling services for all kinds of domestic and commercial set-ups in Johannesburg. From us, you can get quick and convenient access to tiling, rendering and bricklaying services.

All our services, including tiling services are available for clients located in various Johannesburg suburbs. We can install a tiled floor or a tiled wall within the prescribed time and budget and give our clients good value for their money.

Domestic Tiles contractors in Melbourne Suburbs

A tiled floor is a blessing in rooms that are exposed to water usage. This includes kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Since the tiled surface will not absorb water, you need not worry about water seepage in your flooring or your walls. For additional safety, Tiling Rendering will waterproof your flooring and walls!

What’s more is that it is easy to wipe off water and other spills off a tiled floor. All you need is a mop! This is the reason why an increasing number of domestic property owners, especially the one with toddlers, prefer to get tiled floors in their homes. Not only is it easier to keep flooring clean, it also helps in providing a hygienic and healthy environment inside their home.

Commercial Tiler in Johannesburg Suburbs

Tiled flooring and walls are an attractive option for commercial set-ups as well. Since commercial set-ups experience greater foot traffic and extreme wear and tear, they require quick cleaning solutions – and tiles are easy to clean! Reception areas, waiting rooms, dining areas and lobbies are places where most of our clients like get tiles installed.