Residential & Commercial Water proofing Experts – Johannesburg

As a Registered Building Practitioner we use our construction knowledge & experience to prevent water ingress & implement water prevention techniques, we are water proofing experts.

Whether it’s a large commercial project or a residential retaining wall, every water proofing project is different and we ensure that our clients receive the best solution with complete professional application.

We provide waterproofing for home and business owners in johannesburg!

Waterproofing Contractors

Our work is fully insured. Our Johannesburg waterproofing service holds commercial builders’ indemnity insurance and domestic liability insurance for all work we undertake. We are also able to take out individual construction and warranty insurance on individual jobs due to being registered building practitioners.

Our projects cross the range of commercial and industrial applications and includes remedial waterproofing, water leaks and property management work.

We have provided waterproofing solutions to the construction, engineering, mining, agricultural, landscaping, project management maintenance, equine and marine industries to name just a few.

Lew Prop Team have successfully completed challenging & complex commercial & industrial waterproofing projects across Johannesburg, Gauteng.

We understand that one of the key challenges for designers, engineers and construction companies is to protect buildings from the damaging effects of water and weather. While waterproofing can be a relatively minor component of overall construction costs, it is a vital ingredient to a successful building project and can determine a structure’s longevity. We also understand that our clients are looking for proven products and application systems.

Our team is available to work with you through each stage of your project, from early design through to the application and final inspection. We can assist you with the various system specifications and product choices available to ensure the most durable and cost-effective solution for your project. We can administrate the design, specification and application delivery for you. There is no middle-man.


Protecting your infrastructure from the damaging effects of water is what we do best. Our goal is deliver friendly, efficient and competitive waterproofing solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.