Why choose Palisade Fencing ?

Palisade Fencing is a cost effective way to providing a high level of security to the boundary line of any property. Palisade is a very popular choice of fencing in commercial applications such like industrial units and schools throughout Johannesburg. The reason behind this popularity is due to the steel Palisade Fencings’ simple but robust design makes this type of fencing extremely vandal resistant and very hard to damage. Due to this simple design the fence is extremely difficult to climb making it a good all round security fencing system.

Lew Prop Construction provide three types of palisade fencing although all are very similar in appearance and design options they all have their very own unique differences, and all work just as well as each other to protect the land that they surround.

Benefits of Fencing

Palisade Fencing offers one main benefit that many other fence products do not which is that by the nature of its design it will naturally follow the profile of sloping ground, this feature stops the need for stepping which in turn lowers the chance of any possible oversized gaps that may be caused by using other types of fencing that possibly would have caused a security issue.

Another benefit of palisade fencing is that the Smooth surface, sharp pale crest and narrow pale spacing defeats attempts at climbing, straddling, grabbing or gaining foot-holds by even the most determined intruders.

Palisade Gates

Palisade gates are commonly required within the run of fencing line to allow access to the land it is protecting. Lew Prop Construction have an edge over our main competitors due to having our own fabrication workshop as well as stocking some standard size gates, any bespoke or unusual size gate can be fabricated and ready to install in the shortest possible lead times. This gives us up to a two week advantage on delivery dates over other suppliers depending on current work load.

Our team design, manufacture and install if required all types of gates. Swing Gates, Sliding Gates and also Cantileaver style gates and any of the above choices all have the option of being manual or automated. By having our very own manufacturing facility we can ensure that we only provide the highest quality Palisade gates to our customers.