Gate Automation Services By Lew Prop

Excellent quality and service across Johannesburg. Lew Prop specialises in:

  • Gate design (residential and commercial)
  • Gate automation products and motors
  • Gate service and repairs

Custom made gates

We supply automatic gates in almost any type of material: wrought iron gates, timber gates, aluminium gates and more. With almost total flexibility and no standard designs or sizes, your choice of automatic gate is endless.

Highest quality

Lew Prop is the best automatic gate company in Johannesburg. We are known for our high quality gates, custom design, and attentive client service.

Location and service

Lew Prop designs and supply custom made gates across Johannesburg. We also service any type of gates.

Access control with remotes, keypad , intercom, proximity cards

Privacy and security can be secured with the access control system that comes with your automatic gates. When your auto gates are closed, they are locked in place and can only be opened using an access control tool. The most common of these is your push button remote . Our kits come with 2 remotes which live on your key ring or in your car, with as many extra remotes as you wish.

Other tools include a keypad with a code number or intercom system. Keypads are useful in where you want a limited number of people to have access to the property. Simply share the code numbers with them rather than having to keep handing out remote gate openers which may not get returned. Code numbers can be changed at will. Also available is a simple push button on the control box or at some other convenient location. We can program your remotes so that they will also open your garage door. Keypads, intercom access, key and push button access are available on all of our systems.